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People are drawn to the social media because of content; content is the driving force of the internet, after the critical factor of technology. The Local Internet Content Forum (LICF), a collaborative effort of the Internet eXchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN) and Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) is targeted at tackling the challenge of a dearth of content produced locally in Nigeria on the internet. It is meant to alter the default mode of consumerism by Nigerians, transforming them into Content Producers. The Local Internet Content Forum is a synergy of the collaborating organisations (NIRA and IXPN) to reach out to the content producer; and that is, anyone who creates content, and can upload it digitally using basic tools.

This would include various institutions, the Public and Private Sector, Publishers, Authors/Writers, the Print and Electronic Media, Movie producers, Musicians, Bloggers, Banks, Webmasters, the Academia, Research Institutions; Internet Service Providers, et cetera. The Forum   is designed to reach people who create content and have them work together with service providers who are committed to providing reliable service at hosting digital contents locally.

The Local internet Content Forum is intended to reach anyone who creates graphics, text, audio and video. It would offer directions to our youths on how their abounding energies could be channeled to legitimate and profitable venture on the internet. Invariably  the LIC Forum will foster "more uploading and less Downloading". And the overriding objective is to domicile content so generated in Nigeria.

While the LIC forum will reach out to respective spheres of content producers, it will also correct misguided opinions about the reliability, security and stability of .ng domains.

This event is not a talk shop. It is an impelling call for action. The ultimate goal is to introduce and harness content produced in Nigeria by Nigerians on the internet; domesticate the content and build the Nigerian Cloud. It is our expectation that the Local Internet Content forum would help set Nigeria on the Right course and free her from the present Internet consumerist culture. It should rescue the country from the triple jeopardy of not generating content ; of capital flight emanating from the registration of non .ng domain names with hosting content in servers located outside the country and the associated risk.

The Two Day Forum shall feature presentations and panel discussions in the following areas

  1. Infrastructure for Content Hosting
  2. Local Content as Tool for Economic Development
  3. Broadband Penetration
  4. Content Creation and its Challenges
  5. Strategies to Stimulate the Production of Local Content
  6. E-government: the Journey so far.
  7. Monetizing Content Development: Getting Profit out of your Creativity.

 The LIC forum is in tandem with the goal of the internet Society (ISOC) to reverse the content hosting ratio in Africa of 20:80 where 80% of the African content is hosted outside and 20% is hosted locally 80:20 in favor of Africa.

The forum is devoted to harnessing contents that are produced locally and turning them into valuable commodities. 


The Forum will also afford a good opportunity for a handful of exhibitors who may wish to leverage the event to showcase their service relevant to the creation of local content and the hosting of local content locally.


 Among other Benefits  

  1.  The Forum will serve as a platform for networking.
  2. The discussion Sessions will afford the Participants the opportunity to garner knowledge as stakeholders share their individual and collective thoughts and experiences on producing and hosting local Internet content. 
  3.  It will be a veritable market place for the content producers and web hosting companies. 
  4. The forum will mobilize the populace for local content creation and local hosting of content. 
  5.  It will promote internet Commerce. 
  6.  Hold the key to promoting our Nation identity on cyberspace. 
  7. Increased local content hosting and creation will definitely create more jobs.


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